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24-Hour Door Replacement & Door Frame Installation

XG Lock N Key Can Replace your Doors and Door Frames

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We can repair and replace any door in your home or business.

Doorways represent many things. But the main thing most people want their doorway to be is secure. XG Lock N Key is able to identify and repair security vulnerabilities in your doors and door frames. Call us today to discuss installation options for your home or business.

Things to Consider Before Door and Door Frame Installation

There are several major factors that will affect the cost and project time length of your door installation. It’s important to consider all of the following options ahead of time.

Basic Door or Custom?

Basic door installation is the least expensive choice. It takes only a few hours if there are no more problems to take care of first. After the existing door and trim have been removed, the new trim, hinges, hardware, and knobs are installed. Custom door installation starts around twice the price of basic installation and goes as far as you can imagine. Included with custom door installation are services like security systems and smart locks. Custom work costs much more and can take much longer but can produce incredible results.

What Else Is Involved With Door Installation?

Door and door frame installation often involves other work. Drywall, paint, and electric alterations may be required, especially in new construction. A reliable professional will be able to determine what additional work, if any, will also have to be completed.

Finding a Dependable Door & Door Frame Installer

Following a few simple guidelines when choosing an installer will help make certain you get the top-quality results you deserve. So, what aspects should you look for when you’re searching?

  • Certified: Certification is important. It establishes the business’s and the individual’s legitimacy as a professional.
  • Qualified: Experience and training are vital to the success of your door & door frame installation. You need someone who has dealt with your situation before, so they can determine the best way to accomplish results.
  • Professional: It’s important to be able to depend on your installer. They should have a professional attitude and be trustworthy throughout your installation.
  • Insured: There are too many ways to lose with an uninsured installation crew. Proper insurance coverage protects you and your property from damages and protects your financial investment.
  • Honesty: The professional you choose should be able to give you an accurate assessment on costs, duration, and additional services needed for your door installation.
  • Available: You will need a service that can come to you when you require service.
  • Affordable: What good is a great installation service if you can’t afford it? Connecting with an expert that offers reasonable pricing is imperative to the completion of your work.

Professional Door & Door Frame Installation from XG Lock N Key

When you’re looking for quality door installation in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, MI area, the experts at XG Lock N Key are ready to serve. We offer a complete range of door and door frame installation services, including:

  • Storm Door Installation
  • Security Doors
  • Home Doors
  • Steel Doors
  • Commercial Doors
  • Knock Down Frames
  • Welded Door Frames

We are a full-service locksmith that is passionate about our work and we work hard to achieve absolute client satisfaction.

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