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images of CCTV cameras (top) and an IP (internet protocol) camera mounted on a residential porch.

We can install CCTV systems (top) for your school and business, as well as IP (internet protocol) cameras (bottom) for your home.

Whether you’re a school administrator, homeowner, or business owner, the right security systems can help keep your school, home, or commercial space secure. Adding security cameras (IP or CCTV) combined with a video recording unit can be a smart choice for business owners.

If you want to protect your family from intruders a professional security system’s presence can help ward them off. A visible IP (Internet Protocol) camera on your front porch is a great option for homeowners because the feed can be accessed via your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

However, preventing break-ins are not the only reason for installing a security system. With today’s technologies, a professional locksmith can set up a smart home security system to include your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. In the event the systems are triggered, not only will you be made aware, but the proper authorities and emergency contacts can be alerted as well.

We specialize in security systems for all types of properties:

  • home security systems
  • commercial security systems
  • school security systems

Consider these options and more because this can not only give you peace of mind, but you can save on homeowners and business insurance.

What Types of Professional Security Systems Can We Install?

So you may wonder what types of professional security systems can be installed in your Ypsilanti, MI home or business.

  • IP cameras for home surveillance
  • CCTV for school and business surveillance
  • high-security doors and locks
  • electronic access control

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Security System

A security system should not be thought of as an expensive purchase but rather an investment. If this is for your commercial or school needs, you are protecting the lives of your employees and students. For a residential purchase, this is your family’s lives. So it is important to choose the best security system for your individual needs.

Managed Access Points – If this is for a commercial business, consider employees and their access levels. Card readers are a great option for access to multiple areas of your business. It also tracks and monitors individuals comings and goings.

Video Surveillance Setup – You have a wide array of video surveillance options from low to high definition as well as live streaming. For someone who wants live monitoring, the video quality will matter a lot to use via smart devices.

Backup Systems – If the power goes out, will your system go down? You want to ensure you have a system in place to keep securing your home.

So with the many features, you can get with a professional security system in place, it is well worth it to have a professional assist you with the selection and installation. We have certified, trained, and insured mobile locksmith service providers that will come to you. We offer affordable service and guarantee honest pricing. We are based in Ypsilanti, MI, however, we service all of Washtenaw County including Ann Arbor.

We are a full-service locksmith that is passionate about our work and we work hard to achieve absolute client satisfaction.

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